Color Block, part II

You all know I paint my nails incessantly, so basically, the night after I posted Color Block Nails, I tried the look out.  I honestly wish I had a pick of my first attempt: white, royal blue, and mint green in all kinds of weird combinations.  My roommate oh-so-nicely told me they looked "ghetto" and to "take that off right away, it'll scare the kids tomorrow"  (his words, not mine.)  I quickly swiped polish remover (lemon scented) on my fingers and tried to start anew.  The second time, I painted all of my nails in Revlon's Peachy.  On the ring fingers I did half-Peachy and half-Minty, also by Revlon.  I unfortunately was not thinking like a blogger at the time and have no pictures to prove how fab this looked (especially with the tan I am desperately clinging to.)  

This past weekend, I went home to Annapolis and found that I had helped inspire my sister to test the trend herself.  Her results were better documented than mine.  Here she has used white (off brand, not sure which kind!), grey polish from Ulta, and Essie's Funky Limelight.  


Color Block

I am all about the color blocking that is happening right now.  Crisp white and sharp black look amazing paired with primary OR neons.  I am also dying for neutral - neon color blocking.  I swear I have been late to work a few times trying to scour my closet in order to pull this trend off.  This has me thinking, why not try color block nails?  While I pretty much O.D.'d on painting my ring finger a bold "accent" color, I am currently thinking of ways to bring this trend to my fingertips.  Here are a few color block "DO's."

Here are some color block nail looks.  I'll have to give this a try and post my own pics later this week.  I am totally foreseeing soft grey with neon yellow or pink!

(love this, very Chola!) via



As soon as I jumped on the blog bandwagon, I started following Kate at Embarrassment of Riches.  She is a fellow New Yorker and she has a fabulous blog.  She is my go-to for food, fashion, and culture critiques in the city.  Added bonus - she AND her husband take amazing pictures.  Being the internet whore that I am, I also follow Kate on Twitter and recently saw some to-die-for nail pics that she tweeted.  

I am loving the gradient nail look!  Kate used Essie Mademoiselle as the base color.  She then sponged Strawberry Shortcake on from mid-nail and finished the tips with Jam & Jelly, both by Essie as well.  If you are interested in giving gradient nails a try, check out the YouTube video tutorial Kate shared with me.  It seems pretty simple and leaves lots of room for creativity as far as colors and glitter go.  I am so pumped to try this out myself.  Thanks Kate!

Nailed on Vacation

I am finally back in NYC after two A-MA-ZING weeks at the beach.  I've been a city girl for almost 5 years and I am pretty sure I haven't had a tan like this since college.  All bragging aside. I realize I have grossly neglected this blog lately.  Rest assured, I found time for polish changes in between all of my sunbathing, swimming, and wine guzzling.  Here are a few of my vacation nail highlights:

My first beach week was spent in the Outer Banks.  My sister and I pooled our nail supplies and lacquered up a few different times.  She was kind enough to email me her favorite nail looks and was even creative enough to name each look.

"Miami Sunset"

"Stars and Stripes"

"Electric Pink Lemonade"